Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The French Cheesy Affair

Long time since i wrote something on my blog but couldn't find enough motivation somehow into penning my observations and experiences. But hey, I got a reason to write today and that was due to the cheesy experience I had today in Paris's famed St. Michel market or the Latin Quarter.

Ajay, one of my good friends at HEC decided to give some of us a reason to celebrate when he announced suddenly through an email this morning his intention to host us for a dinner in Paris. We snatched the opportunity and landed up around 8 PM at St. Michel. As always, the gang took some time to decide on the place where we could fleece one of us (this time Ajay) and started with a nice Falafal.

But that was just the beginning...courtesy one of our supremely gifted friends we decided to have a sit in dinner at a French restaurant, where the six of us entered to quadruple the place's total gathering.

We had an easy time choosing some vegetarian dishes since the manager attending to us happened to be an Indian from Ludhiana who explained to us the what and how of the french dishes in english and hindi. So we ordered FONDUE and RACLETTE, both dishes from the Rhone-Alps region of France. The dishes were nothing but cheese on hot fire (literally placed on small fire flames) to be eaten by dipping bread pieces into it. It was a great feast and I had never eaten so much cheese in my life at one go. My lazy forays of over a month to the tennis courts of HEC had come to zero but I wasnt was after all effortless. The cheese was hot and melted right into our was bliss and the world seemed brighter than it seemed moments before. May be I am indulging in too much marketing (HEC's best course) and exaggerating the point..the idea is to make any unfortunate ones who reads my blog to savour these cheesy dishes at the first it was indeed a cheesy affair!!