Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fatherhood...thanks Neer

It has been a long time since I blogged after ending my studies at HEC Paris. Last few months, I have been settling back into my office routine in the Government of India and trying to be as useful to the office as I can be. However, I did not have to stop writing on my blog as I can surely find 10 minutes once in a while to pen my thoughts...so I AM BACK!!

My life today is different from yesterday and I wonder many things account for the difference. Being a father since December last year is surely one thing that ranks at the top. Neer my son has made such a huge change to my life as a human being. He has the power to energise me even when I am entitled to feel tired. Neer in short is a realisation that life is beautiful at its most simplest denominator. He smiles, crawls, babbles, imitates and cries too...but each of these behaviours seems to be perfect and wonderful. In short, I am so accepting of this human being who arrived in my life only few months ago. In all his antiques Neer communicates sheer joy and happiness. He makes me and all in the family behave at his mental age...and we all transform from being dull and directed demons to sprightly and young avataars that god must have created in a happy moment. Thank you Neer for giving me and all of us that chance to be our best.