Monday, November 29, 2010

Beware De-Glamorization

"De-glamorization", the term stuck in my mind as I was arguing about the eternal incompletion that some beings have about themselves and the world they live in. The place was Chennai and the term provider was my friend Vijay whom I have know for 9 years. The discussion pertained to the proverbial questions "Are we doing what we are capable of doing?", "Aren't others we see around us, happier than us, because of what they are doing?" etc.

It was in the middle to this thought exchange that Vijay gave the idea of De-glamorization as a root cause of dissatisfaction to some people. Some bright individuals aren't ever happy with their jobs, lives, the world around them but most people of average values, questionable integrity and a shallower intellectual competence..seem to be very happy with life and succeed in the world that values material growth. The former category belong to a group of perfectionists who are always complaining about the things which don't exist or won't exist and they relate their assessment of events around them to very high ideals and values.

Thus while a bright high IQ but importantly a high value-oriented individual would perform his life roles very well..he would almost always complain about not achieving the optimum. The job, the family, the daily routines would soon seem useless rituals and world would seem to be a place full of goons who deserve highest condemnation. He fails to comprehend how people around him/her are so happy with the state of affairs in their lives and in their worlds. How can these less brighter individuals with questionable human values achieve success the way they do?

After a rather abstract and opinionated discussion, came the idea of de-glamorization as the source of the ills of many such value-based people. They simply do not know how to express what they do and what they experience in a glamorous manner. They are bound be disasters on Facebook and Twitter, for they don't sell their jobs, their office, their family trips etc in a glamorous way. Ah..they are so poorly equipped in this new glamorous world.

There is a need to understand that people around us who seem to be happy, successful, sprightly have learnt to glamorize everything they do. There is a great benefit of this..they are nice to hear, to be seen with and to engage with. Further, I strongly believe that they get positively motivated by such an approach and can shine in whatever field they chose..they start believing that they are the best and that they cause such great things to happen in the world. Of course, this is not always true and many low intellect individuals seem like stars. Its a victory for Dumning Down of values, ideas and real endeavours.

By the way, I still value the Glamor beings more than the useless intellectuals who can't appreciate the goodness in the world or in their lives. All they do is spread pessimism (realism) and question the happy (shallow) way of life. So, hey all those smart, bright and above all the crusaders of good values in this world..please learn from your less gifted brethren the art of glamorizing what you do and what you think...otherwise your noble ideas, thoughts and values won't have a single taker in this...glamor loving real world!!

PS: This is a post about which I dont seem to have a control, nor an idea as to what it means or tries to convey...hey but its great so do not split your hair after you read it!